“Classy Christmas,” was a return to form for the NBC series: the perfect mixture of lunacy, cleverness, and poignancy. No scene in the episode elicited a bigger “aww” than when Jim and Pam exchanged gifts. She nervously gave him a comic book, The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert, that she had spent all year drawing up herself

In the comic Jim gets attacked by a bear on his way to work, and in the vein of Spider-man begins to turn into one—sounds, as Jim himself said, awesome. In a brilliant move, We have posted the first three panels of the fictional comic below

Thanks to the popularity of the “Return of the Office” comicbook, A few writers teamed up with a few other writers and 2 artists to finally bring you a completed version of “The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert” They said they hope to have it ready by next Christmas.

Story Written by @SoulAttractive @Jim.James.Jimothy_Halpert @KennySpiffy and @MachCamacho.23

Writing Team: @Ms.Petunia.C @DwightLovesAngela @ImNotGayImKevin @TheOfficeCollectibles @RudyVRguy @KirkChild @the.quequeque

Artists: @FredPaints23 @SoulAttractive