How the Fan Fiction began

@SoulAttractive loves to write, if she isn’t writing something, she is drawing something. While watching the office her 4th time through, her husband mentioned a hypothetical thought that stayed with her for days. She eventually started writing and within a few days she had the first rough draft of Return Of The Office, The Office season 10. She gave it to her husband as a Father’s day gift, he then shared it with his friend, who shared it with another friend and eventually it made it to Instagram where it spread to the strong office community that resides there.

You can read her original story at the link below:

@SoulAttractive is a talented individual that loves to write and paint. She has written multiple novels and short stories that no one has read. She was recently a victim of a fire that destroyed all of her paintings that no one has seen. Thanks to the fire she is now open to letting people view her stories. We plan to work with her very closely as she is an amazing writer and artist.