The Office reunion is something we all want, This Website was created by fans of The Office for Office Fanatics. We came together on instagram with a simple goal in mind. Make more Office stuff!! We discovered fairly quickly that there were lots of Office Fanatics already creating COOL STUFF!! So we decided to make a website that brought all of these Office Fanatics together on one page. We met @girishmanuel who did Office animations, @soulattractive who wrote The Office Season 10 Comicbook, @legotheoffice who created The Office Lego set, @dugmcuglyart who recreates funny office scenes with his own unique art style, @gleaminggoodies who makes glassware with art from The Office, @creativeleighme who makes office related purses and other stuff like that,  and all people who make Collectible pins from The Office @heremeow @pinnuendo_nyc @thefoxyhipster @noicepins @moremeknow @dropkickqueen

So we decided to make the website to look and feel like an actual Dunder Mifflin Paper Company website.  We hope you enjoy it as a lot of love went into creating this small little movement