Leslie David Baker talks about his character Lt. Banning, how it was working with puppets and working with Melissa McCarthy.

leslie David Baker melissa mccartney joel mchale
Joel Mchale, Leslie David Baker and Melissa McCarthy

The Happytime Murders is many things: a murder mystery, a crime drama, a buddy cop story, a tale of diversity and inclusion, and a fallen hero’s redemption. What it isn’t is safe for children in any sense. This is the most outrageously NSFK (Not Safe For Kids), R-rated comedy of the summer, showing how puppets behave behind closed doors without kids around. Featuring the comedic geniuses Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, Elizabeth Banks, along with the Miskreant puppets from Henson Alternative, it’s a hilarious whodunit that is decidedly NO SESAME, ALL STREET.

Synopsis : Set in Los Angeles, The Happytime Murders explores a world where humans and puppets coexist. Like most humans, puppets run the gamut of personalities, occupations, interests, and vices. Although puppets are living among humans, they are still viewed as second-class citizens during discrimination, bigotry, and violence as they attempt to find their place in the world, living with as much dignity as possible even though they’re stuffed with fluff. The Happytime Murders

Directed by Brian Henson

Produced by Brian Henson, Jeff Hayes, Jason Lust, Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone

Screenplay by Todd Berger

Story by Todd Berger, Dee Austin Robertson

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, Elizabeth Banks

Music by Christopher Lennertz

Cinematography : Mitchell Amundsen

Edited by Brian Scott Olds

Production company :Black Bear Pictures, Henson Alternative, H.Brothers, On the Day Productions, STXfilms Distributed by STX Entertainment (USA), Metropolitan FilmExport (France) Release date : August 24, 2018 (USA), September 19, 2018 (France) Running time : 91 minutes