Rainn Wilson talks about Dwight Schrute Vs The Meg

Dwight Schrute VS The Meg

A man you might know as Dwight Schrute from The Office was on the blower to talk about his latest role.

Rainn Wilson plays the bad guy in that new movie about the big ass shark, The Meg. But not, like, a cool bad guy. He’s just a bit of a dick. “It comes naturally to me,” says Rainn. The film follows Jason Statham’s character who, ‘after escaping an attack by what he claims was a 70-foot shark, must confront his fears to save those trapped in a sunken submersible.’

The entirety of The Meg was shot in New Zealand and after the experience Rainn says he came to realise that NZ is to Australia what Canada is to the U.S. — “Very beautiful with some well-meaning but somewhat dopey people.” Not only did they spend the whole time in New Zealand together, Wilson and Statham spent months on half a boat, floating in a tank, surrounded by green screens. “The Stath and I were tight,” says Rainn. “He’s a really cool guy. I’m a total Statham geek. I think he is the ultimate badass.”

Speaking of impressive bald beasts, Wilson says the megalodon shark in The Meg is “on a whole other level.” To date the largest megalodon tooth that has been uncovered was 17.8cm (which is about three times bigger than a great white’s tooth). They are also believed to have a bite force of between 108,514 and 182,201 newtons (humans have around 1,317 newtons). So, in the film you’ll see a large prehistoric shark the size of a bus. Like Jaws on roids.

With that in mind, who does Rainn Wilson think would win in a fight: Dwight Schrute or The Meg?

“I think Dwight Schrute would destroy The Meg. Of course, you know, he has all types of weapons, so I think a shuriken in the eyeballs (throwing stars), then a scimitar up the gut, maybe slice off a fin or two. A blowgun into the mouth with a numbing agent, like a South American tree frog. And yeah, I think Dwight Schrute would take him out and finish him off finally with a crossbow.”